Pleased to show revised front cover showing Mummy with Bella and Bentley and Ellie with Amber… soon to be a book in my hand 😅long journey this year 🙏🏼

The lovely Ellie and Amber who won the ‘to be illustrated in my book’ competition. I’ll be so pleased to send Ellie the book soon because she’s been a very unwell young lady. So to cheer her up a bit I had a mug made with lots of key words from Bella and Bentley Visit The Vet. Here’s Amber having a good look and sniff at it! 🙏🏼💕

My new toy, always wanted one!!!

Wow… and it’s off to the printers 😜


Went for a lovely walk with Bella And Bentley and their Mummy in Ventnor… stepping stones at Flowersbrook, although one gap slightly too wide for Bentley so he tip toed through the water, had a drink as it’s fresh water and climbed the hill to Steephill Cove! Beautiful day 😎

Bella sent me this lovely Monday morning drawing! One more day before she goes back to school… I think Bentley snorts more than he barks though – and something else rather smelly, but that’s a frenchie thing 💨 😂

Look 👀 what Nanny made for 🕷 Bella, Darcie and Lara 🕸
My three beautiful granddaughters, I’m a proud Nanny 💖
I was quite impressed with myself and they looked great in the dark…

Special Offer for September

Special Offer – September Only!









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Ideal Christmas Present

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· Offer expires midnight on the 30th September 2018
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September offer now ended as at midnight last day of September.
Thank you all, especially those in ‘Everything’s All Wight’ in Ventnor. I had their promotional window for a whole month. Thanks Sally and Barry! 😘


Thank you to Tanya Smith for this lovely review of my book Bella and Bentley Book One… (early years) read it and find out what happens!! #lovebookslovereading
Fantastic promotion coming up soon so keep a look out for this pages updates 😍

So pleased,  books doing well in Cowes…’Little Live Live  This’ – Daniel ordered more books for the shop… but also congratulations and good luck  as Daniel has bought the shop and he’s changed the name to ‘Pocket Full of Pebbles’.
I’m sure you’ll do well Daniel 😘xx



July Blog

I was sent this article as our lovely Bentley is a Frenchie!!
‘The French Bulldog is the the UK’s top dog’… mind you I love all dogs so I think all dogs are top dogs 😍

Come on lovely people, ‘pause’ and think of ‘paws’ in this hot weather… no walkies if it’s too hot! 🐶😎



‘The Play Cafe’ Pier Street Ventnor… all set up for half term story time!
The children were lovely thank you for inviting me 🙏🏼


Pleased to say final draft for book 3 was posted to my lovely illustrator today! Here we go 😍
Sarah-Leigh Wills, here we go again!

Had a lovely day at The Isle of Wight Dog Festival… loved all the doggies 😍


Hi… Starting to take author visit bookings from 1st April 2018 to your playschool, primary reception classes and any children’s functions here on the Island. Children love telling me about their pets, whether it’s a dog or a stick insect 😊 Please contact me anytime through my page or website! ‘Love books, love reading’




Crikey snow, cold, rain, sun then more snow… what’s going on 🙄

This month I was kindly invited to Wootton’s Creekside WI Isle of Wight to be their speaker for the evening. Such a lovely group of ladies, I so enjoyed myself 😊 Thank you to Antonia for organising. Thank you! 🙏🏼

I’m now also in ‘Everythings All Wight’ a lovely shop in Ventnor with other crafty people. Some amazing bits in here, great ideas for presents. I’m doing really well here too, so pleased 😁

To top it all I’m a Nanny again to another beautiful little girl… yes three granddaughters now


Hi just popped in to say hello and a few updates. Moving house this month. Having a little time to myself as I’ve felt unwell and can’t shake it. It’s so cold too, a bit of sun would be welcome 😎Decided to delay Bella And Bentley Visit The Vet so it’ll be out September now!