Winter is finally here can’t believe this year is going so quickly. Ideas are emerging slowly, keyrings, wooden toys, puzzles, soft toys and many more in a slow but sure way! …And I’ve just asked the lovely Sarah my illustrator to book me in for next March to start Book Four, 
‘Bella and Bentley Meet Cousin Darcie… ‘ 
a bit of a sharing with siblings theme. 
Take care have a great Christmas all


Hi just popping in to say a few ideas floating around in the back ground! These lovely illustrations from my books are hopefully going to be made into keyrings 



Hi people and all the little people. Just to let you know I’m going quiet for a while. So much to do with so little time that I’ve decided to sit back for a year and ponder where to go next. So I hope next year I’ll come back with an exciting more colourful revamped website. But… watch this space for updates! 



‘When I am an old woman I shall wear purple’
…and of course have lots of dogs 😍🙏🏼

Image from Facebook: Portland Vets East Grinstead

Love this, what a great interpretation and so right 🥰


It’s #nationalloveyourpetday This is the real Bella and Bentley having cuddles 🥰💕

Hi all…. looking for a lovely children’s bedtime story that your little ones will love. Interact with finding Uff Uff in the pages. *reduction in postal prices too. Visit the ‘My Books’ section of the website to purchase 😀

Gorgeous Sunday morning with granddaughters on Ventnor Isle of Wight beach after a sleepover with Nanny!! Up early, breakfast and on the beach by 8.15am!!! I’ll sleep well tonight I think 😂


Happy New Year to all my Bella And Bentley followers! A great 2019 ahead, let’s see where it goes! Fun times to look forward to 😍

It’s National Winnie The Pooh Day today, 18th January 2019… one of my favourite childhood memories was my book by AA Milne 📚 I knew every poem by heart. 🥰

Love this, made me giggle!

It’s #nationalstorytellingweek it would be lovely if more of us parents and grandparents could sit down each night and read together. 10 mins a night could turn into more 🙏🏼 I so hope so 📚

I love good handwriting, it starts with practise at home then school. Recently my 6 year old granddaughter was given homework to do – on an iPad – firstly not all homes have iPads etc and secondly shouldn’t they be hand writing as it’s all good practise. All children will be tech savvy nowadays but firstly let’s have a good written word! Am I wrong in my thinking? 😬

Last day of what seems like a very long January… I hope you’ve all started or even finished a good book. So many to choose. You should see my ‘to be read’ pile. Can’t walk past a book shop 🥰. Anyway as well as the website we’ve posted a link to eBay where you can buy Book One… 
enjoy February folks, soon be summer 😂😎xx Check out my eBay link on Bella and Bentley’s Facebook page –


Book 3 have arrived 🙏🏼😍😘💕

…And the packaging begins 😍📚

Uff Uff helped me pack one special book to go to Ellie and Amber… they will finally see themselves illustrated in the book. So off we popped to the Post Office! 🙏🏼🥰📚📦 

Hi to all my Bella And Bentley Books followers…it’s been a fun year, productive, but now it’s nearing its end I can honestly say it’s been a massive learning curve, for the better… I’m looking forward to next year, it’s going to be amazing in all ways! Thanks to my good friends, you know who you are 😍 but especially to my children KLJ and my little ones BDL!!! 
See you all in 2019… signing out for now!! 🎄🍾🥂

Bentley update!…and exciting times ahead!

imageJust a quick update, Bentley had his big op recently, nasal widening. He looks a little sad in this photo as he’s still sedated just back from the vets, but I assure you he is totally back to normal bouncing around and always after food!!! His breathing has improved especially the noise. He seems so much happier and we don’t have to have the television up as loud to hear ourselves. I’m sure the neighbours will be pleased too. As all owners of any pet you love you worry terribly when they are ill and you just want to sit and cuddle them. I do anyway! I’ve sat for many hours over many years with my sick pets from rabbits to horses in stables. You just have to don’t you they’re part of the family…but Bentley is doing so well. Can’t have the star of my Bella and Bentley series being ill.

Anyway keep an eye out on the website as I’ll be updating weekly, albeit a little slow, as I’m still learning each day new things, but Antonia my computer genius is always there to help, I hope. All the people I’ve worked with this year I’ve found to be real animal lovers so I’ve persuaded them to let me have a photo of them with their pets and then I can introduce you to them, my work family team!

I will also create a page on which I’d like to show a gallery of you all sending me pictures of you reading to your children or your dog or both, with my book. No faces of your children though please unless you are happy to of course but your dog can be the star if you like.

Ahh Bentley 🐶

imageBella and Bentley

Bella has arrived. A story told through the eyes of a 2 year old French Bulldog called Bentley 🐶