Crikey snow, cold, rain, sun then more snow… what’s going on 🙄

This month I was kindly invited to Wootton’s Creekside WI Isle of Wight to be their speaker for the evening. Such a lovely group of ladies, I so enjoyed myself 😊 Thank you to Antonia for organising. Thank you! 🙏🏼

I’m now also in ‘Everythings All Wight’ a lovely shop in Ventnor with other crafty people. Some amazing bits in here, great ideas for presents. I’m doing really well here too, so pleased 😁

To top it all I’m a Nanny again to another beautiful little girl… yes three granddaughters now


Hi just popped in to say hello and a few updates. Moving house this month. Having a little time to myself as I’ve felt unwell and can’t shake it. It’s so cold too, a bit of sun would be welcome 😎Decided to delay Bella And Bentley Visit The Vet so it’ll be out September now!


BYE FOR NOW… going quiet for a few months…
Even though I’d love to stay and chat, love it but I must get on! Bella and Bentley Visit The Vet to be sorted and my first YA needs 2nd draft etc… 👋 take care everyone speak soon 😘xxx


Hi, quiet month this month, enjoying the quite mild weather, although around the world there has been some rather extremes of cold and heat! Hope you all had good Christmas with not too many of these bugs going around getting in the way.

Pleased to say Bella and Bentley’s Day Out is now in ‘Little Live Like This’ in Cowes here on the Island… selling well so super pleased! 😊

My competition to be illustrated with your pet in Book Three finished at midnight on the last day of December it’s announced on the Competition Page so pop over there and take a look 👀. Many congratulations to Ellie and Amber… gorgeous photo! Take care and have a happy, healthy 2018 🎉

No Batteries Needed!

This is an ongoing advert for everyone until 20th December 2017…

Books are the gifts that keep giving, no batteries needed!

Send a ‘Christmas Present’ direct…signed and gift wrapped. Last orders 20th December 2017 📚Go to and choose your book 🎄#kidlit #christmaspresent #frenchbulldog #reading ‘Love books, love reading’


November 16th was the one year anniversary publication of Bella and Bentley Book One  🎉 It’s been a rollercoaster ride 😜

Well ‘Bella and Bentley’ has been out a year now! From photo to sketch to front cover 📚to a published book for early years to age 6… #BellaAndBentley thanks to Sarah Leigh-Wills an amazing illustrator 😍 #kidlit #dogsoftwitter #frenchbulldog #AdoptADog

Novembers Blog

It’s seems this year is going faster and faster… November has just gone, I’ve turned around and it’s gone. Don’t want to wish 2017 away but I’m secretly looking forward to a new year and I’ve loads planned 😬… exciting times ahead. This November was productive though!! Bella and Bentley Book One 📚 is now in ‘Isle of Wight Traders’ a lovely local shop in Newport full of handmade and produced crafts from islanders… a real creative bunch. I’ve met a few now, lovely people 😊

October Blog

Hi, Well hello everyone, hasn’t October flown by, feels like I’ve done so much yet not enough sometimes! Slowly getting organised me thinks… not wanting to wish away 2017 but 2018 is shaping up pretty well!! Anyway, firstly, this month Book One and Two went on Amazon so if you want to take a look and maybe purchase!!!!! please then can you leave a review?? I recently found out that you need 25 reviews before you start getting recognised on Amazon… so please give a review if you can.

*please note this price is with p&p 😀

Last month I told you excitedly that I had been invited to a Primary school so off I trotted, nervous and excited, I’m fine with children but felt a little apprehensive about lots of adults around but it was great, really great. We spoke about the book and they guessed from the front cover it was about a baby and a dog 😍I was so impressed too that the children knew that the words on the back, the synopsis, they called it the blurb! So I read the story and then we all found Uff Uff hiding in the pages… as an activity for the children to receive their Bella and Bentley sticker I had drawn a large tree with leaves on and next to each leaf was their name.

When they found their name, with autumnal colours in finger paints they made their mark!!! The children were so good, well behaved, responsive and a credit to Mrs Cowell and Miss Thompson of Hunnyhill Primary School. I left them with a colouring competition so one of them will win my ‘Book in a Bag’.

We had The Cowes Literacy Festival this month too, some well known speakers etc… but it was the Youth Zone I was interested in. Perfect weather made the weekend and I met some fellow children’s authors. The books were amazing and one of the ladies I went to school with!! I’ve put my name down to take part next year so look out for me!

Met all these lovely authors…
#Supporting each other 📚

Also this month the lovely Gregor Arthur from Beardsalls, Shanklin IOW made me this gorgeous banner for my book fairs… I am super pleased with this 😁

And finally Aaron Isted made me these delightful ‘Island Author’ stickers that went on my books that are now in the shop at The Old Smithy, Godshill IOW…

I think October looking at it was quite productive really… apart from all of the above, been on some lovely walks with my dogs and to finish off Robin Hill ‘Electricwoods’ Arreton, IOW all lit up, excellent food, lantern making, running trough the treetops, dancing shows and falconry. A celebration of India and Diwali 😍Wish I’d been years before, so worth it. If you come on holiday October half term make sure you make time for it!!

Bella, Mummy and Nanny loved it (me) xxx