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Synopsis Book 1

Bella and Bentley

book1Bentley loves his Mummy so much but the excitement of a new baby isn’t what he expects until… He meets Bella…

Published on the 15th November 2016 and available to order now at £5.99 plus your choice of p&p


Synopsis Book 2

Bella And Bentley’s Day Out

bb-cover2Ah, what a beautiful day, let’s go out’ Mummy said. Bella jumped up and down. She picked up a bright yellow bucket and a red spade. Bentley bounced up and down too. I know where we’re going, Mummy thought…

Published 1st August 2017 and available to order now at £5.99 plus your choice of p&p


Synopsis Book 3

Bella And Bentley Visit The Vet


Poor Bentley has a sore ear and isn’t feeling very well. Mummy and Bella take Bentley to see Dr Green, the Vet, to make him better. They meet lots of other people with their pets that don’t feel very well either! One little puppy is especially poorly, he needs an operation…

Book available Autumn 2018 Pre-order Now



Synopsis Book 4

Bella And Bentley Meet Cousin Darcie

bb-cover4Mummy has some good news for Bella. Baby Darcie has been born. Bella is so excited she looks through her toy box to give cousin Darcie a present. Can she choose one toy out of so many of her favourites?

Book available Autumn 2019


Synopsis Book 5

Bella And Bentley Help Darcie Choose a puppy


Bella and cousin Darcie, along with their mummies and daddies, take Bentley to the dog rescue centre and help Darcie choose her puppy…They meet lots of lovely people and dogs!

Book available Autumn 2020