Happy New Year to all my Bella And Bentley followers! A great 2019 ahead, let’s see where it goes! Fun times to look forward to 😍

It’s National Winnie The Pooh Day today, 18th January 2019… one of my favourite childhood memories was my book by AA Milne 📚 I knew every poem by heart. 🥰

Love this, made me giggle!

It’s #nationalstorytellingweek it would be lovely if more of us parents and grandparents could sit down each night and read together. 10 mins a night could turn into more 🙏🏼 I so hope so 📚

I love good handwriting, it starts with practise at home then school. Recently my 6 year old granddaughter was given homework to do – on an iPad – firstly not all homes have iPads etc and secondly shouldn’t they be hand writing as it’s all good practise. All children will be tech savvy nowadays but firstly let’s have a good written word! Am I wrong in my thinking? 😬

Last day of what seems like a very long January… I hope you’ve all started or even finished a good book. So many to choose. You should see my ‘to be read’ pile. Can’t walk past a book shop 🥰. Anyway as well as the website we’ve posted a link to eBay where you can buy Book One… 
enjoy February folks, soon be summer 😂😎xx Check out my eBay link on Bella and Bentley’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/BellaandBentleyBooks/