Hi, quiet month this month, enjoying the quite mild weather, although around the world there has been some rather extremes of cold and heat! Hope you all had good Christmas with not too many of these bugs going around getting in the way.

Pleased to say Bella and Bentley’s Day Out is now in ‘Little Live Like This’ in Cowes here on the Island… selling well so super pleased! 😊

My competition to be illustrated with your pet in Book Three finished at midnight on the last day of December it’s announced on the Competition Page so pop over there and take a look 👀. Many congratulations to Ellie and Amber… gorgeous photo! Take care and have a happy, healthy 2018 🎉

August Blog

Beautiful summer here on the Isle of Wight… I’ve been lucky enough this year, first time ever mind, to be able to enjoy our garden. It’s looking quite good, small or should I say bijou!!!! I’ve read in the sun, eaten alfresco and listened to the radio, bliss.

The 1st of August saw ‘Bella and Bentley’s Day Out’ Book Two out!! I dedicated this book to my amazing Mum and Dad because of there continued love and support and to thank them for honestly the best childhood I and my sister and brother could’ve ask for! For this month I ran a competition to win the book and some products from The Dog and I company in Devon that produces shampoos etc… Wendy Nivison and her lovely Bob were the winners and she kindly sent me this picture with his prize… apparently here he’d already had a bath!


This month too I booked myself a place at the The UK Southern Book Show for next year too… exciting times planned for 2018.

Bentley update!…and exciting times ahead!

imageJust a quick update, Bentley had his big op recently, nasal widening. He looks a little sad in this photo as he’s still sedated just back from the vets, but I assure you he is totally back to normal bouncing around and always after food!!! His breathing has improved especially the noise. He seems so much happier and we don’t have to have the television up as loud to hear ourselves. I’m sure the neighbours will be pleased too. As all owners of any pet you love you worry terribly when they are ill and you just want to sit and cuddle them. I do anyway! I’ve sat for many hours over many years with my sick pets from rabbits to horses in stables. You just have to don’t you they’re part of the family…but Bentley is doing so well. Can’t have the star of my Bella and Bentley series being ill.

Anyway keep an eye out on the website as I’ll be updating weekly, albeit a little slow, as I’m still learning each day new things, but Antonia my computer genius is always there to help, I hope. All the people I’ve worked with this year I’ve found to be real animal lovers so I’ve persuaded them to let me have a photo of them with their pets and then I can introduce you to them, my work family team!

I will also create a page on which I’d like to show a gallery of you all sending me pictures of you reading to your children or your dog or both, with my book. No faces of your children though please unless you are happy to of course but your dog can be the star if you like.